Merchant's House Museum

Merchant's House Museum


One of our favorite spots in NYC. The quiet East 4th Street is illustrated to show the exterior of the Merchant’s House Museum and some neighboring buildings. Such a great landmark and a unique choice for your wedding — this invitation will fit the mood of the venue perfectly. You can incorporate the opposite side of Cooper Square or just have the immediate street corner and museum for your design.

There are always options for how we customize the scene for you. The design works well for the horizontal layout but could also be adjusted for a square or traditional 5x7 format — this can all unfold as we work together.

With whatever wording you provide, we will hand-write every word and place the artwork in this design layout. You’ll then have a chance to review and revise as needed.

Samples are the best way for you to get a true feel for Paperfinger custom wedding invitations before placing your order with us. Samples are complimentary and ship to you at the cost of priority shipping only!

Customization options as follows:

Please note that some of these options impact the final pricing and we’re happy to provide you with a quote to compare these variables.

  • Design:

    • All calligraphy text in a style of your choice; or a mix of calligraphy & typed text

    • Paper colors in white, natural white or ecru

    • Layout can be horizontal, square or vertical

    • Illustration can be cropped to show only East 4th if you prefer

  • Card Sizes:

    • Invitation card:
      A9 Horizontal (8.5” w x 5.5” h), Square or Vertical A9/A7

    • Reply card:
      A2 (5.5” w x 4.25” h) or 4-Bar (4 7/8” w x 3.5” h)

  • Printing & Colors

    • Digital (1, 2 or 3 ink colors) - pictured in photos

    • Letterpress (1 or 2 ink colors)

    • Engraving (1 or 2 ink colors)

  • Components to consider

    • Invitation Card; Reply Card; Outer Envelope; Reply Envelope; Website Card (3.5” x 2”); Insert / Info Card (3.5” x 5”); Map

Ballpark Pricing

Please remember that we’re happy to discuss your range of options. This quote assumes a suite of 100 Invitations; 100 Reply Cards; 100 Outer Envelopes with Printed Return Address; 100 Reply Envelopes with Printed Address on Front.

  • Digital Print: $1200

  • Letterpress Print, 1 Color: $1450

  • Letterpress Print, 2 Colors: $1780

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