Bespoke Illustration

Bespoke Illustration


A truly unique experience of opening and receiving an invitation, this is a romantic, personal and entirely custom design. In this suite, we will create a bespoke illustration of the wedding venue along with a small drawing to use on the reply card. The illustration can be of any single building, structure or landmark related to the wedding. You can see several varieties in the sample photos here. And we’re happy to chat about your options and ideas before making your decision.

It’s an elegant, vertical layout and typically letterpress-printed on very fine paper, made by the historic Arturo line with a rich texture and deckled (softly torn) edges. You have a variety of options, however, for the papers and printing methods you’d like for the finished suite.

With whatever wording you provide, we will hand-write every word and place the artwork in this design layout. You’ll then have a chance to review and revise as needed.

Samples are the best way for you to get a true feel for Paperfinger custom wedding invitations before placing your order with us. Samples are complimentary and ship to you at the cost of priority shipping only!

Customization options as follows:

Please note that some of these options impact the final pricing and we’re happy to provide you with a quote to compare these variables.

  • Design (see photos for variations):

    • All calligraphy text in a style of your choice; or a mix of calligraphy & typed text

    • Paper stock varieties and colors

    • Layout can be tall narrow or a rectangular design

    • Illustration subject of your choosing

  • Card Sizes:

    *Arturo papers come in their own unique sizing that is similar to these standard options, but vary slightly, fyi

    • Invitation card:

      #10 (4” w x 9.25” h) or A9 Horizontal (8.5” w x 5.5” h)

    • Reply card:

      A2 (5.5” w x 4.25” h) or 4-Bar (4 7/8” w x 3.5” h)

  • Printing & Colors

    • Digital (1, 2 or 3 ink colors)

    • Letterpress (1 or 2 ink colors) - pictured in photos

    • Engraving (1 or 2 ink colors)

  • Components to consider

    • Invitation Card; Reply Card; Outer Envelope; Reply Envelope; Website Card (3.5” x 2”); Insert / Info Card (3.5” x 5”); Map

Ballpark Pricing

Please remember that we’re happy to discuss your range of options. This quote assumes a suite of 100 and includes: Invitations; Reply Cards; Outer Envelopes with Printed Return Address; Reply Envelopes with Printed Address on Front.

  • Digital Print: $1750

  • Letterpress Print on Arturo deckled paper, 1 Color: $2320

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