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barca for mayor : healing kaua'i

Dustin Barca Run for Mayor 103 Just got back from a week on the island of Kaua'i where an inspiring mayoral race is underway. New candidate, Dustin Barca, a native of Kaua'i, returned to the island after a tour as a professional surfer and took his activist spirit into the political realm by running for mayor. (Mayors govern each individual island in Hawaii.) We saw signs, bumper stickers, shirts promoting him everywhere on the island.

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 10.06.07 PM

Even in his campaign posters, he is approachable in a t-shirt and kind face, standing in a field -- and after reading interviews and campaign literature, it's clear he's a passionate advocate for his home. He is focusing specifically on the restoration of Kauaian culture; sustainable agriculture; restoring the islands original waterways and addressing the local drug problem through rehabilitation programs and less imprisonment. "For the people, from the heart."


Barca impressively launched his campaign with a literal "run" for mayor by completing a 4-day, 90-mile marathon across the entire island to get the word out. Best of luck, Barca!!

Dustin Barca Run For Mayor 2 011

Dustin Barca Run For Mayor 2 055

Dustin Barca Run For Mayor 2 024

highlights from portugal : sintra, the algarve & lisbon

paperfinger-sintra Our sisters week in Portugal, captured in a few select photos. What a magical place -- I loved every aspect of being there. Beautiful historical architecture; romantic landscapes; warm and friendly people; delicious food and espresso everywhere! and many simple moments to savor.

We traveled in Sintra and the surrounding areas then drove south to the Algarve region, followed by a short stint in Lisbon. Stupendous. Would love to return.













binchotan : charcoal products

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.16.57 I appreciate the careful selection of products available from New Zealand's Douglas and Bec shop. Their newest addition is a line of charcoal products from Japan - such as an eye mask, facial soap, body scrub towel, pumice stone and charcoal sticks for water or room purification.

Their description does the trick:

The Japanese have been using Binchotan charcoal for its purification, skin care and health properties for centuries. The tradition of producing Binchotan comes from the Kishu region of Japan, where oak branches are burnt until red hot and then cooled down rapidly.

The more we research Binchotan, the more uses we find for it. To use Binchotan sticks for water, simply clean off any loose charcoal and rinse off, then boil for around 10 minutes. Pop it in a jug of water and you are ready to go. Along with drawing out impurities and chemicals (like chlorine), they add nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, and iron to your drinking water.

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.16.26

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.24

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.42

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.08

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.51

isabella rossellini : green porno series

6a00e55315ea9088330133ec5d0290970b Isabella Rossellini dreamed up this incredible video series, titled Green Porno, to artistically display and explain the mating rituals of different types of insects and animals. It's an avant-garde nature show and her costumes, sets and dramatic narrative are really remarkable. Plus it's truly informative, carefully researched and surprisingly bold.

Here are some great stills from the series, but you can watch the collection of films on the Sundance Channel site.







Isabella Rosellini

(*Thanks Alessandra!)

good fight herb co : seasonal care package

CSH_poster_r4-1-1 Good Fight Herb Co. is my favorite resource for and supplier of herbal medicine in the form of teas, syrups, tinctures, extracts and salves.

The new Seasonal Care Package Program is a wonderful way to maintain herbal support for your wellness throughout the year. It functions much like a farm CSA; you receive four bountiful packages - one per season - for pickup in Hudson, NY or shipment to wherever you are. Not only does this program provide a means for taking good care of yourself, it also deepens your knowledge of the plants and how they nourish and support our bodies.

Read more and signup here.



lake quinault : with angie smith

angiesmithphotography-quinault-1 Traveling with a talented photographer friend like Angie Smith ensures you will have beautiful images for remembering your adventures.

A few weeks ago, Angie and I spent a weekend in Washington state on the Olympic Peninsula, spending a night at the historic Lake Quinault Lodge in the Olympic National Forest. Here are some of her photos (you can spy me in the lawn below).

For more of her work, visit