take a (good) college class for free : open yale courses

My sister sent this link over to me and I put it on my list of Things-I-do-truly-want-to-do-But-may-never-make-time-for-Yet-I-remain-just-as-enthusiastic.

Open Yale Courses is an online resource created by Yale University to offer complete undergraduate courses for free through their site. The screenshot above shows you some of the courses offered, most of which are introductory and cover a wide range of subjects.

So cool! The classes include video footage from each class lecture, reading assignments, discussion materials, exams, etc. With a hearty amount of self-discipline, you can brush up on Physics, Social Theory, Music, Philosophy, Poetry...the list goes on. The new book club?

Open Yale Courses is funded through a grant from the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative of the Hewlett Foundation.