the further tale : of peter rabbit

Emma Thompson was responsible for authoring a new book in the beloved Peter Rabbit series! The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit is the 24th book. I tend to trust Emma completely, so I'm not too worried about how it came out, but the pressure is on! This is the first book since 1930 and the only one written by anyone other than Beatrix Potter.

I listened to Emma in an interview on NPR. This was a highlight, when talking about some made-up words and a particular writing style she used:

Like, 'inside wrapped in brown paper were some excellent sandwiches of cheese and pickle'; it's not the kind of construction that you get anymore. What, now we say, 'cheese and pickle sandwiches.' But there's something about 'excellent sandwiches of cheese and pickle' that's very Potter-esque. It's Victorian, you know? ... It's an old form, and I find it very charming. And I find it draws me into the books still. So I wanted to hold on to that.


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