proclaiming my love for : the studio booth

studiobooth01 I've decided that The Studio Booth is the best thing that can happen to a party, a wedding or any other celebratory event.

A standard wedding photographer is on duty to capture the special moments of the event or the traditional posed portraits, but something different is captured under the flattering lights (worth emphasizing!) of the The Studio Booth, a company based here in New York City.

It can be set up against any backdrop and they rig up professional lighting along with a big screen where each photo is projected as its taken and then again in rotation throughout the event. Adding props heightens the hilarity and is a real bonus.


I attended a wedding last fall (see the boa below) where The Studio Booth was set up and it added so much to the reception. From Grandma and Grandpa kissing, to flying leaps, to big group poses -- it was festive, entertaining and added great energy to the party. Not to mention the collection of photos we could pour over after the wedding was over.



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