bryn listens : bob marley

I've been listening to Bob Marley all week after watching the documentary on his life last weekend. So so good to just soak up his music all week long.

This song, Cornerstone, was featured in the documentary, since it was written about his father, Norval Marley, a white Jamaican man who was estranged from Bob and his mother and made no effort to be involved in Bob's childhood (he died when Bob was 10). He provided some financial support early on but Norval's extended family seriously disapproved of the marriage and rejected Bob. So interesting to hear the story behind a song I've heard a million times before and never really paid close attention to.

The stone that the builder refuse Will always be the head cornerstone.

You're a builder, baby; Here I am, a stone. Don't you pick and refuse me, 'Cause the things people refuse Are the things they should choose. Do you 'ear me? Hear what I say!