panic room by tilt : au vieux panier

Au Vieux Panier, a boutique hotel in Marseilles, invited a different artist to decorate each room. The room above, named "Panic Room," was created by Tilt, an acclaimed French graffiti artist. What a crazy image!

"What interested me about applying this kind of hard-core graffiti to the room was being able to put people in a situation where they’d never find themselves otherwise, an uncomfortable environment. The white was the balance to help people sleep and help them see the chaos as a positive. It’s unbelievable how this kind of excessive graffiti is exactly what a lot of people hate but because it’s in a hotel room they find it intriguing. I guess I managed to show that graffiti is all about perspective." -- Tilt

His blog shows more documentation of the process.

(*via TMagazine Blog)