making ideas happen : at the 99% conference

picture-3 I'm getting so excited for this week's big event, The 99% Conference, put on by the dream team of Cool Hunting and Behance.

The conference name comes from Thomas Edison's quote: “Genius was 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." Conferences and networking events are often a chance to brainstorm and build great ideas, but this conference is all about the next step and how to bring those ideas to fruition, and what that takes.

I know (and hope) that it takes one or two Action Pads, but there's a lot more I'm sure to learn from the roster of ten top-notch speakers, which includes: Ji Lee, Creative Director of Google Creative Labs; Scott Thomas, Design Director of New Media for the Obama campaign; Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green; and Jill Greenburg, Photographer -- all folks who know how to get things done! Day two of the conference is a really cool series of networking activities -- far more interesting ways to get talking with people than to stand around trying to act casual about the snacks.

There are just a few tickets left, so get yours while you can.