cindy sherman : at MOMA

I went to see the new Cindy Sherman exhibit at MOMA last week. Now I get it. I'd learned that Cindy is major, but really knew nothing about her work. This exhibit is huge and features work from all stages of her career. And I was blown away.

The majority of her pieces are photo self-portraits, but in each image, she dresses up as a different female character. These characters are astounding representations of different types of women, from different cultures, economic backgrounds, ages and places. And there is something so complete about how Cindy captures these archetypes' faces and outfits. Even the smallest detail of how she holds her mouth's expression in each character, all of it ties into the full story behind the woman portrayed that you sense immediately. Some of the images can be pretty scary.

I'll stop trying to explain it. Just go.

Cindy Sherman at MOMA, until June 11th.

art, placesBryn Chernoff1 Comment