seize the year calendar : with a special 'buds discount

I am very psyched to have the Seize the Year Calendar hanging in the studio now. It's manageably massive and gives you a view of the entire year ahead. So incredibly useful for long-term planning and I can't help but think that all of you planning weddings for 2012 would be so perfectly suited to this calendar, brides and professionals alike.

It has two sides for either the vertical view or the horizontal to accomodate your space or preference. And it's a yummy, clean design. Also a creative approach -- the calendar flows directly from month to month with no extra space between, lining up by weekday in a real-life flow.

The calendar sold like hotcakes on Fab and elsewhere, but Jesse, the creator, is offering all of you a special 20% discount. Use the code "PaperTastebuds" and you're good to go. Thanks Jesse!

And here's a note from Jesse on how he got started:

In 2009 I was a cube dweller, 25, wondering what I was going to do with my life. I decided to make some goals. I wanted a big calendar to plan my goals and mark my progress. But I couldn't find what I wanted, so I made my own. The first one I made was 3' x 7' long! After several changes to the design, eventually my co-workers wanted them and my boss even bought one from me.

So I decided to try and make and sell these to a larger audience. We did Kickstarter in September-October, and just barely made our goal of $5,000. So things didn't look good. But after we got our shopify store up and running, and after some promotion, people started seeing it and buying it. The high point of our story was when decided to sell it on their site. We sold-out 400 calendars in 3 hours! Fab was so pleased they asked for 400 more. Then we did another sale of 800 with them. And we're selling 500 more on Feb 5th.