your wedding + the new paperfinger invite collection

Here at the Paperfinger studio, we’re working towards an exciting launch: a line of invitations that will be available online for customization.

We'll have more news about it this spring, but for now we have an exciting idea to share with you...

IN SHORT : 5 couples will receive their wedding invitations from Paperfinger’s new line -- for free y'all!


The process of releasing these new collection pieces will require us to produce -- design, draft, print and photograph -- real invitations for use on our website and promotional materials. It doesn’t make sense to us to make up fake names and wedding details just for photographs, so we’ve decided to print with a purpose.

We’re guessing that we can find five couples who would love to be liberated from any budget worries about their invitations and who are excited about collaborating with us as we extend our line of products.

Maybe you and we are meant to be. All we ask is that you are:

  1. getting married in July 2012 or later;
  2. feel at one with the Paperfinger aesthetic (aka love gorgeous lettering and Paperfinger printed goodies);
  3. have a sense of adventure and flexibility; and
  4. are willing to put your invitations in our hands and surrender control of all design elements and color choices -- in exchange for free invitations.

If this sounds like an awesome idea to you, sign up! If it sounds crazy, please don’t! We’re always happy to work one-on-one with custom clients but this project is a totally different animal.

To submit your wedding, fill in the entry form here letting us know why this feels like a good fit.

We’d love for it to be you, so submit your request to us by Monday, February 20th, 2012.

Our selection process will be subjective -- and for good reason. You can trust that we’ll find the right match for the designs (no super modern lettering for a barn wedding in Maine, for example). We’ll be looking at your personal message, the venue, date and even funny things like how we feel about the letters in your names corresponding to a certain calligraphy style.

To see some of the other invitations by Paperfinger, look here and here. COMPLETE DETAILS, TERMS, NITTY GRITTIES, DESCRIPTIONS AND ENTRY FORM : here.

Feel free to spread the word, thanks!