stockings with care : scenes from the drop-off

So these images aren't exactly delicious but the concept is heart-burstingly good. I already mentioned Stockings With Care a few weeks ago, but I wanted to follow up with some pictures of the stacks of presents and rows of bikes, all lined up at the drop-off site just last week. It was so moving to deliver my wrapped gifts and to see a giant basement organized by neighborhood, with hundreds of presents designated for families all over the city.

Stockings With Care (in their 20th year now) matches donors with a family and kids in need and provides the donor with a wish list from each child they sponsor. You sign up as a "santa", pick out the gifts on their list, wrap them up and then leave them unlabeled so that the parents can give the gift to the child themselves. It's such a beautiful concept and one of the most inspiring organizations I've ever supported. 1500 children have just what they asked for under the tree this year.

I strongly encourage you to sign up for next year.