marc + mel's wedding procession : video by veracious productions

Marc + Mel, Lower Manhattan from Veracious Productions on Vimeo.

Marc + Mel were married on June 26, 2011 in NYC. I posted about this wedding back in the summer as soon as the photos were ready, because I was lucky to be a guest at this remarkable and unique event.

It was a proper rally for peace and love, held in City Hall Park. We processed in the company of a brass marching band from the park to the reception at Thalassa Restaurant. This video was shot and produced by Vera of Veracious Productions and does such a good job of capturing one of the most magical, joyous events I've ever been a part of. In all her work, Vera manages to capture footage of the day and piecing it together so that it feels like an authentic and moving account, without getting cheesy whatsoever.