ecriture infine : a time capsule for handwriting

Ecriture Infine (Infinite Writing) is an inspiring, multi-year project created by artist Bili Bidjocka and curator Simon Njami.

It consists of eight enormous books, bound with blank pages, that have been placed in various places around the world, beginning in 2006 at the Mori Art Museum of Tokyo. At each site, a book is placed on a large desk with a lamp and a pen. Bidjocka invites people from varied professional backgrounds (academics, artists, writers) to write on the pages, "as if it were their the last opportunity to hand write something," with emphasis on the gestures of writing and flow of pen on paper, rather than on content.

The project's goals and focus are manifold: It is a reflection on the process of writing by filming each entry as its completed. It serves as documentation of the varying writing styles at this time in history. It is a celebration of handwriting, and a call to attention around a practice that is rapidly fading from our daily lives. When complete, each book is sealed and hidden in a secret location.

The eighth and final book in the series is a collaboration with Moleskine, who created the 90x60cm blank notebook. It was debuted last week in Mantua, Italy at the Festivaletteratura.

Ecriture Infine has a virtual wing as well, that accepts contributions to the project in the form of video or images of your writing. Explore the gallery and submit your contribution on the project's site

Moleskine put together a video showing the event in Mantua -- really gives you a sense of the experience there: