mel & marc's wedding : a rally for love and peace

I was an incredibly lucky guest at the wedding of Marc and Mel. They created the most unique and inspiring celebration, captured in these photographs by the very talented Ro of Les Loups Pictures & Songs.

The ceremony took place in City Hall park, as they were married by a good friend using a megaphone. Mel and Marc obtained city permits to gather the large group in a public space as well as to project sound. The concept: a peace and love rally -- and it was approved by the city in a permit that now hangs framed in their home.

After the ceremony, we lined up in a procession, accompanied by an awesome brass marching band, and walked the 15 minutes to the reception site, a Greek restaurant in Tribeca. It was a bright Sunday morning and the reactions to all the passerbys mirrored the thrill and joy we all felt walking through the streets, carrying signs and banners. Cabbies honked; people leaned out of their apartment windows to watch; entire groups of outside cafe diners put down their forks and their glasses to cheer and watch the procession go by. Melanie was inspired by the wedding processions she'd seen in small towns in Italy, and wanted to recreate that for her own. It was truly magical.

Check out more of Ro's beautiful wedding photography on the Les Loups site:

All photographs by Les Loups Pictures & Songs.