summer travels : mccall, idaho

To celebrate my dear bud Angie's birthday, I made a trip out to McCall, Idaho in early June to visit her family's cabin along with a few other friends. The cabin was a remote and cozy home base (it was cold out there!) for lots of cooking and eating, cocktails*, and admiring the view of Payette Lake and the snowcapped mountains behind. We went morel mushroom hunting, which was a really fun outing -- we picked eight pounds! -- and cooked up the mushrooms that night to serve with grilled steak and veggies. Incredible.

Please note that on this trip I discovered the "minature" setting on my Canon PowerShot so there are quite a few that feature the blurred effect. Just couldn't help myself.

* And I'm now a huge fan of the "Old Pal" -- rye, vermouth and campari. Such a good warming drink and the campari balances it all. Try it out!