regas ny (+ freshthrills + paperfinger) : site redesign

Regas NY has a brand new look and a gorgeous new site. Woohoo! I've worked with Regas for a while now and by now we're great buds. I'm thrilled to have contributed lots of calligraphy for their new branding -- check out the site and you'll see Paperfinger script throughout the entire site. Even the photo above shot in the Regas studio reveals Paperfinger calligraphy on the walls!

As anyone knows who has been through a redesign, it's a long and complicated process but Regas had the stupendous team of Freshthrills as the designers and developers on the project. Freshthrills and Paperfinger happen to be neighbors in DUMBO so it was a fun chance to head down a couple floors in my building for meetings and updates.

Congrats to Meredith, Allison and Caitlin on the gorgeous new site and to Kingsley and John from Freshthrills on the finished product!

Check back with Regas in July for the official launch of their brand new wedding invitation collection. It's beautiful and impressively diverse.