i will make you something ! it's high time for a paperfinger giveaway

As a thank you to readers who put up with the past month of downtime, and to invite new and old readers, I am offering this giveaway!

Post a comment to enter and a random reader will be selected on Monday, June 13th.

A custom, hand-lettered design by Paperfinger for your next party invite, announcement, love letter, dinner menu, special gift, beautiful to-do list, whatever! Plus up to 50 digital prints of the design (as detailed below)!

The Details:

1) You choose a lettering style from any sample in the Paperfinger portfolio and color preference for the ink. Choose centered, left or right-aligned.

2) Then you send me text (up to 75 words).

3) I write it!

4) Now it's print-ready! If you'd like, I'll have up to 50 prints made for you--one-sided--and/or I'll send you a print-ready file that you can use for printing yourself.

The Nitty-Gritties:

  • The design/artwork produced can't be used for commercial purposes. This is just for fun/personal use!
  • The project specs can't be modified at all (sorry, gotta keep things simple!)
  • This has no monetary value.
  • Expires on December 31, 2011.
  • North America only.

The Not-Includeds:

  • Anything outside the outlined scope.
  • Logo designs, illustration, multi-color stuff, outside art, second sides or any crazy tricks.
  • Revisions (beyond typos on my part), envelopes, addressing, substitutions, extras.

A random winner will be selected by midnight on Monday, June 13th!

Click on the comments link above and post your comment for entry!