march madness : my love for the action pad

0505_001A weekend at home + significant quantities of NCAA basketball on TV = home organization plan.

It's been my goal for March to establish a functioning organizational system for the desk area as well as for a few other sources of chaos in the apartment.

Concept: "A place for everything and everything in its place."

This involves several phases: 1) List all the categories of things that need a place; 2) Define what type of storage is best suited to those objects and how will that storage will serve must functionally in our lives; 3) Research tools, products, supplies for storage items; 4) Buy selected products; 5) Setup.

Phase 3 took place this Saturday afternoon and resulted in the following documentation, thanks to the incredible Action Book and Action Pad by Behance. My organizational life on paper centers around these products.


My favorite feature in the Behance product line is the dot grid paper, which might be hard to detect in these images, but provides a light gray dotted graph grid background. Very freeing and incredibly useful. The colored tabs are small post-it notes, color coded for each store.

Check back on Paper Tastebuds for the photographs documenting the  results of this project!