the best kim bap : in new york city

Living in South Korea for six months got me hooked on the ultimate Korean snack food, kim bap, which translates to seaweed-rice. It looks similar to a sushi roll but the ingredients are traditionally a sheet of seaweed rolled around carrots, pickled radish, spinach and a meat or fish cake of some sort. But there are tons of varieties. It's the best snack ever. Satisfying and filling but light and leaves you feeling good.

It may sound simple but it's proven very hard to find Seoul-caliber kim bap in New York. The only place that stands up to my Korea-trained instincts is E-Mo Kim Bap at 2 West 32nd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, AKA Korea Way.

Highly recommended! Here are some shots of the kim chi kim bap roll I picked up for lunch the other day.