paperfinger for sunday suppers : menu design

I designed this menu for a private dinner party created and hosted by Karen Mordechai of the esteemed Sunday Suppers (= luxurious cooking classes, beautiful food photography, custom events and dreamy recipes). Armed with some information on the aesthetic of the evening and that it would be a table full of enthusiastic foodies, I created this menu and hand wrote each one to be placed at the guests' seats.

My inspiration came from the now-ubiquitous meat cut diagrams that oh so many restaurants have incorporated into their interiors, menus and logos. Rather than diagram the meat, I decided to diagram the meal!

Along with the menu, Karen needed a few signs and labels for the homemade tomato jam that served as a party favor. Here's the recipe.

As always, Karen styled a beautiful table along with florals by Jessie of Rountree.

And a few more shots of the materials in my studio:

All gorgeous photos shot by Karen Mordechai. All the normal-looking ones were shot by me in the studio. Pig diagram courtesy of