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I wear headphones almost all day long. The podcasts that currently bring me the most joy through news, culture, comedy and music are below. Every podcast is free to subscribe to -- just sign up through iTunes and it will automatically download onto your computer. There is nothing tricky or tech-y about podcast listening.

This American Life by NPR : Incredible, true stories and thoughtful examinations of a huge range of human experiences. Each podcast usually includes three stories, all centered around one theme. It makes me tear up somewhat regularly and it's totally worth it.

Try this episode: Kindness of Strangers

The Moth : Another outstanding source for true stories. The podcast selects the best stories told live at various Moth events (live storytelling jams). It's worth checking out live but it's even better to have a handpicked selection of the top performances, each lasting maybe 5-10 minutes max. Reliably awesome.

Try this story by Steve Burns, star of Blues Clues, as he wrestles with fame.

Savage Love : This is not for the faint of heart or the extra-sensitive crowd but if you're up for it, it is total genius, hilarity and grounded, open-minded advice on sex, love, and relationships from Seattle's Dan Savage.

You're on your own. But check it out with an open mind and you may find it irresistible!

New Yorker Fiction Podcast : Each podcast consists of one author reading a story from the New Yorker archive of all short fiction ever published in the magazine. The authors reading are also New Yorker-published and they share the reason for choosing that particular story and engage in a short dialogue about it at the end of the reading. It's the book-on-tape immersion experience without the time commitment. And the roster is star-studded, of course.

Check this one out: #35 Jhumpa Lahiri reads William Trevor's "A Day."

WTF with Marc Maron : If you're averse to cursing, skip this one, but if you're interested in comedy, comedians and the psychological makeup of the people who choose this profession. Marc Maron (also a comic and a friend to many in the industry) hosts a different comedian in a very intimate, low key dialogue, usually from his garage. He is a bit abrasive but I've found a number of his interviews to be really interesting.

Try this episode: Marc Maron interviews Judd Apatow

Honorable mentions to:

NPR! NPR! NPR! (Specifically: NPR BooksWait! Wait! Don't Tell MeAll Songs Considered; Fresh Air) KEXP Song of the Day The Rachel Maddow Show Audio Edition

If you have any favorites, I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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