green harvest csa : this week's share

My membership with Greene Harvest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) has been a weekly source of delight and great impetus to cook more, eat my veggies, stay in tune with the season and experiment with new dishes. I feel like we're just gaining momentum now that the end-of-summer harvest is coming in.

Greene Harvest CSA sources from The Farm at Miller's Crossing and Wilklow Orchards. It is delivered to Ft Greene's Habana Outpost every Saturday morning for pickup by members.

This week we received:

.5 lb. salad mix 1 cauliflower 1 lb. red onions 1 bunch Easter Egg radishes 2 lbs. tomatoes .5 lb. Haricot Vert green beans 1 Carnival winter squash 1 bunch of baby bok choy

(Images via Robot Living; Tiny Farm Blog; Curley's Quality Foods; Produce Girl; Euro Fresh; Bon Appetit; Rebecca's Veggie Patch)