i just signed up for the sketchbook project : and you should too

Here's how The Sketchbook Project works:

Anyone can sign up (until October 31st) and for $25, you receive a blank moleskin sketchbook with a bar code and a particular assigned theme. You have until January 15th to fill it with doodles, drawings, paintings, collages, whatever you want. Then you send it back and all the sketchbooks go on tour across the country in galleries and museums!

You can track where your book is at all times and even view it on display at one of the above scheduled tour locations. At the end of the tour, the books will all be cataloged as a permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library. For an extra twenty bucks, they will scan and digitize your book so that you can have an electronic record of all your hard work.

This is the first I'm hearing about it, thanks to The Donut Project, but Art House Co-op has been running this for five years now.

I am excited to get started! Join my sketchbook on tour and sign up here.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011