if you love new york city : i have a question for you (and a little prize)

So the first piece of news is that my big sister just moved to NYC and we are really excited to live in the same city for the first time as adults! I've been here for about eight years now and have been slowly, gradually working on a plan to get her to move. At last!

To welcome her to the city, I'm putting together a box of tips and ideas for favorite places to see, eat, play, visit, sit, walk, bike, drink, celebrate, and generally enjoy New York.

What is your suggestion? What's one of your favorite places in New York City?

Please post your recommendation as a comment on this post. You don't need to live here to make a suggestion! At 5pm EST Friday (June 25), I'll choose one of you by random and gift you a Paperfinger-made NYC skyline stamp (with the illustration above) and an ink pad (in any color of your choice).

Thanks so much for contributing your ideas!