ron van der ende : a shallow wade

On my trip to the Northwest last weekend, I had a chance to visit Seattle's Ambach & Rice gallery. The current exhibition this month is tremendous.

The artist, Ron Van Der Ende, is from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Inside his massive studio, he works with salvaged wood, mostly doors, to create large, bas relief structures that all convey three-dimensionality and depth, despite their relatively flat dimensions. I found the show powerful, quieting and graceful. It was hard to convince myself that the log above, for example, was not actually spherical, but almost flat to the wall. In the photo below, you can see Ron's technique where he fits together pieces of wood and nails them into place, almost mosaic-like. He has never once painted a scrap of wood -- only using the colors he finds in his (large) collection of doors.

I highly recommend a visit if you are in the Seattle area.If you can't make it, browse the collection photos on Ambach & Rice and learn more about Ron on his website. He has been working in this medium and with these concepts for over a decade and has an incredible portfolio as evidence.