dinner at : vinegar hill house

vinegar_hill_house I really like this place.

For one, it's settled on quiet, cobbled, Hudson Street, not far from Paperfinger's favorite hangout, DUMBO.

Secondly, the food is excellent. Highlights at my last dinner there were tender, charred brussel sprouts, baked in the wood fire oven; sherry-dosed chicken roasted in a cast iron griddle; and grapefruit pound cake topped with creme fraiche and freshly peeled grapefruit slices.

Reason 2a is that this menu of beautifully-executed, straight-forward food is short. Four entrees listed, three sides, a few appetizers and maybe two specials to announce.

Third, the folks behind this restaurant (former Freemans folks) did an expert job at ambiance and decor. Every corner and angle could make a beautiful cover photo for Edible Brooklyn. The mason jars filled with flowers, the rustic wooden tables and warm, dim lighting. The wooden serving boards stacked along the open kitchen's bar counter and a platter piled with large blocks of cheese and cured meats.

Lastly, I love their logo.

** Why Vinegar Hill? The neighborhood was named Vinegar Hill because it was settled primarily by Irish immigrants and the Battle of Vinegar Hill was a turning point in the Irish Rebellion of 1798 against the British.