30 things : part four

This is the last of my four part series, where I've listed 30 things that come to mind when considering what is currently exciting, motivating and inspiring me. Thanks for reading today or all week, and for joining in my celebration of my 30th birthday. 24. Highlighters : The highlighter signifies completion in my paper-based system of to-do tracking. I cherish the satisfaction of highlighting a completed task. Simple pleasures rule.

25. Deep Sofas : I've decided that this is the make-or-break single distinguishing characteristic that I look for in a good couch. We recently switched couches and for the first time in years, I can curl up and sink into it. Transformative! (image via)

26. Winter : This year I'm putting less resistance up towards winter and both a) enjoying it and b) recognizing that it's over before you know it.

(image via)

27. Mexican Kitchens : It's a close tie with Mexican-inspired bathrooms, but either way, I want bright color and tiles.

28. Occasional Extravagance : I'm in Mexico this week and surprised my family with a private mariachi band for my father's birthday dinner and I have never ever felt happier spending money than I did that night. I'd much rather keep a tight budget and then blow it out every once in a while than to spend moderate sums every day.

29. Film : I'm embracing film as an exciting realm for exploration. I'm starting with the films that I think I'm supposed to have seen already. (Any suggestions?) This week it's Fellini's 8 1/2. (image via)

30. Paper Tastebuds : What I appreciate most about keeping this blog is that it is a daily exercise in self-expression. I do my best not to self-edit but rather to share with readers, on gut instinct, the things that I like or feel are important. Trusting the choice I make, all by myself, with each post I write, is a blessing and a continual opportunity for growth.

Thanks for reading.