30 things : part two

I turned 30 yesterday! I am still celebrating! This post is the second portion of my "30 Things" list -- things that are inspiring, motivating and captivating me right now.

9. Taking the bus : I ride the bus to the Paperfinger World Headquarters every day. Brooklyn to Brooklyn and it's much faster this way. I feel wholesome on the bus, like I'm a better person for it. And there is real natural light and people are a bit less grumpy (and stinky), including me. And it comes. on. time. (I'm willing to take the jinx on that for today.)

10. Old Fashioned : I'm enjoying the feeling of having a signature cocktail, however momentary. Me and Old Fashioned's are getting along so nicely. And I just learned that this was likely the first concoction to be called a "cocktail." Classico! Primary ingredients: Bourbon, sugar, bitters, slice of orange and a cherry. (*image via)

11. Planning trips : I'm allowing myself the pleasure of long-term planning for small and big trips alike, without stressing the urgency of making them happen immediately. It takes time to store up the free time and money, so I'm starting to look at the pre-trip process as something fun in and of itself: being on the lookout for interesting articles about Amsterdam, cruising discussion boards for tips on Bermuda, contemplating an itinerary in South America or a fun camping spot in Vermont. Even to relax the process of saving for a trip -- it all extends the anticipation and serves as a constant source of research inspiration.

12. Yoga Podcasts : I'm able to commit 20 minutes a day to yoga. I'd like to step it up, but for right now, that is what I'm making time for and I'm amazed by how much benefit I get from a 20 minute podcast. There is a rich collection of 20 minute podcasts available for free on iTunes or on YogaDownload.com. They focus on everything from abs to hip opening, morning/evening flows to power sessions. It's perfect for travel and home time. (*image via)

13. My 7-Year-Old Self : This is the only picture sitting on my desk at Paperfinger. Every time I look at it, I remember why I started this work in the first place. It's what I loved at age 7 and still at age 30. Seeing this photo is grounding and hilarious and encouraging.

14. Drawing : What I appreciate about drawing is that you almost always have to sit through the ugly part. You can't get to the end without waiting out the ugly part.

15. Mix Club : I have a group of friends where, in a given month, one person is assigned to creating a mix (on an actual CD) and sending it out to the group members on the first of that month. It inspires me to seek out new music and presents me with really good, eclectic listening on a regular basis.

16. Natural Light : For the last few years, I've lived in ground level apartments. Not anymore. These days I am waking to natural sunlight and it is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. (Not my bedroom but we can pretend. Image via City Sage)

17. Active Listening : One person talks and the other person (or people) just listen -- and you take turns. It's amazing what you find yourself sharing and thinking aloud when there are no interruptions, not to mention what you can learn about the people you already know dearly. One of my most favorite ways to check in.

Check in tomorrow for the next installment and thanks for reading!