30 things : part one

I turn 30 today! I am celebrating. As a fun stream-of-consciousness exercise and a mini-time capsule activity, I made a list of 30 things that are inspiring and exciting me these days. I'll be sharing these with you all week, in no particular order.

1. Computer Time Out : I'm nowhere near to mastering this but am very intrigued by the diversity of theories about email disruption, creativity away from the screen, etc. For now, I'm practicing simply closing the laptop.

2. Dancing : Nuff said!

3. Epicurious : My recipe box brings me joy.

4. Ft Greene, Brooklyn :  and the feeling of being at home. (Image via)

5. Good Fight Herb Co. : This is an important and awesome new venture (in Brooklyn) from an inspiring friend and talented herbalist.


6. Harvest : Harvest makes me happy when I invoice, track time, and do the essential administrative activities of Paperfinger. It is a pleasure to use and a wonderful company to support.

7. This Color : Essie's "One Of A Kind" (available here). I want to incorporate this color into my life.

8. Romance : This is for that man of mine, an ocean away today. Feeling swells of gratitude.