easy tagine and online recipes

I really enjoy the combination of fruit and meat (chicken marbella, pork chops and apple sauce) so I was not surprised that I enjoyed the chicken tagine I made last night. What was surprising was how simple it was to prepare and how truly delicious it was. One of those flavors you want to keep tasting, long after you're full. Penang curry used to do the same thing to me. Although I have a nice collection of cookbooks, I'm a sucker for online recipe databases. I love the hunt! Cool Hunting just recommended a site called Cookstr where they list recipes direct from cookbooks. This dish came from that site. I liked the site a lot too - very good search functionality although I do miss the user ratings available at sites like Epicurious.

The only barriers to making this dish might be some of these core ingredients. But once you have those, it would be easy to cook up anytime. Maybe an hour in total but very simple steps and delightfully a one-pot-wonder. Served two people heartily the first night and three people the second. However the second night I threw in a can of chickpeas to fill out the dish a bit since there was plenty of sauce.

Core ingredients: chicken, chicken stock, dried fruits (I used apricot, cranberry and raisins), tomato paste (thank goodness for the tube) and spices: cumin, tumeric, cinnamon and ginger powder.

I served it one night over brown rice and the second night over whole wheat couscous. Both were good but I don't think I'd buy whole wheat couscous again.

The recipe can be found here.

P.S. I had our knives expertly sharpened at Cook's Companion on Atlantic Avenue. Hugely transformative!