simon arizpe : milagro fish


It could be the Pisces in me or maybe everyone is as drawn to Simon Arizpe's Milagro Fish as I am. I met friendly Simon as well as these aquatic buddies over the weekend at the Cool Hunting corner of the Brooklyn Flea (what a great job CH did, by the way!).

Mounted, they have a lifelike movement to their postures, as if they're swimming right across the wall. Look closely and you'll see that their scales are made from Milagro Saint Charms. There are only six of these limited edition fishies.

If I am remembering Simon's explanation correctly, these fish are believed to have special powers. Likenesses like these and other charms were sought for healing and good luck in the traditions of Spain, Portugal and parts of Latin America. Please add more to this post if you know more about them!

You can purchase them from Williamsburg's The Future Perfect.

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