good works : window farms

windowfarm-01 The Windowfarms Project started here in Brooklyn. Window farming is just as it sounds -- making a little farm in your window. The system they've designed uses recycled materials to grow plants with hydroponics and capitalizes on whatever amount of sunlight you get. Vertical farming indeed.

At home window farms


The project is successfully working towards two key goals: 1) to spread the word about and engage people in window farming here in New York and other urban areas; and 2) create a collaborative research group fed with ideas from all over on how to best implement window farming -- an open source approach.


They need support! With great press and growing interest in their project, they need funding to continue their work.

There are five days left to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign -- and they are only about $1000 bucks away from their goal of 25K! If they don't meet their goal, all the money is refunded to the funders -- but if they do meet their goal, they will be able to invest the time and resources into growing this project.

Donate now to support Windowfarms. And spread the word!

Check out the Cool Hunting video about making your own window farm.

These photos and lots more in the Windowfarms Flickr photostream.