organic style : eco-friendly online flower delivery (and for a good cause too!)

vendela-roses-2rainforest-foundationpeach-roses-1dz-1 Organic Style sells environmentally and socially responsible floral bouquets. As they state on their website, "All of our blooms are sustainably grown and certified Organic, VeriFlora or FlorVerde."

I had to look up the meaning of those last two credentials:

VeriFlora certification ensures that the flowers or plants "have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and meet the highest standards of quality" (from their site).

FlorVerde "is a unique certification to ensure all flowers grown and harvested in Colombia meet specific social and environmental standards."

Good to know!

You won't find the most unique of arrangements here, but Organic Style does offer a collection of bouquets that's competitive with other standard online floral retailers.

Gifting Bonus: They also have a subsection of "charitable bouquets." There is a charitable organization associated with each of the bouquets in this section (see The Rainforest Association in the picture above). Five percent of each charitable bouquet purchase goes to that organization.

(*via Earth Friendly Wedding)