wedding gift guide : BEEKMAN 1802

12268858904381611111159I can't recall how I first stumbled upon the goat milk soaps from The Farm at Beekman 1802, but it's love everlasting. They produce these beautiful handmade soaps, made from the milk of their very own goats--a chemical-free, artisanal product. My favorite thing about their scented soaps is that you can choose a special collection from each month of the year and it incorporates essential oils of the flowers and blossoms growing on the farm at that time, capturing the essence of that time and season using authentic scents. Read their thoughtful description for the featured November soap:

1226886346968-596977408November is one of our favorite months at The Beekman for an odd reason - it's the least busy. While there are always chores, November brings little yardwork and harvesting. Even the animals begin quieting down for the season.

We love to cook at The Beekman, and November is our time to indulge in the scents and smells of traditional favorites. On its rare warm days we can still have mini-picnics on the porch, looking out over the faded flower garden and yard. In our Beekman 1802 Month of November Soap, we capture our favorite baking scents and the last smells of the land before it goes to sleep for the year.

They sell a few other choice products (letterpress stationary included!) on their site as well. Any questions, you should definitely just get in touch with them. They were incredibly friendly and warm when I placed an order last year.