ork posters

bk_navy2This Brooklyn poster was one of my favorite gift selections this past Christmas (or what we call Chernibration in my religiously-hybrid family). I found it at Spring, the shop in DUMBO, Brooklyn where I love to spend a lunch break while working at my Paperfinger office in the Green-Desk building. Each poster is screen-printed by hand and the designs are incredibly appealing. Plus, they get extra points in my book for printing with soy-based inks and on 100% recycled paper. The one I purchased (pictured) looks fantastic in a simple black frame. And g-d bless the poster size prints so that it's possible to purchase a standard frame. Each poster is $22. Bless those folks at Ork!

Check out other cities' posters such as Boston, Philly, Manhattan, DC, Seattle, San Fran and the Great Lakes at www.orkposters.com. They are all amazing.

If you are my friend, please act surprised when I buy this for you one day.