green weddings event in nyc : monday 13-april's Green and Ethical Wedding Blog notified me of this exciting event, coming up in April. I will usually take any excuse to go to Crosby Street's Housing Works Cafe -- now that they're hosting an evening with specialists in green wedding planning, I'm extra excited! The Housing Works site provided this description of the featured speakers:

"...Mireya Navarro, author of Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration, green wedding planner Danielle Venokur, green dress designer (and Project Runway winner) Leanne Marshall, and sustainable chef Mary Cleaver (The Green Table and Cleaver Company)."

Sounds like a great group. I'm already a huge fan of Danielle Venokur and the sustainable events company she runs, dvGreen. Plus, I recently ate dinner at  The Green Table and loved the philosophy, food and decor. Looking forward to seeing a good friend, Blades Natural Beauty, in attendance as well.

Check it out: Monday, April 13 at 7pm Housing Works Bookstore Cafe 126 Crosby Street, NYC

Note from the desk of Paperfinger: I am currently working on a green wedding invitation design right now, which is a inspiring and rewarding project. It is entirely hand-drawn on recycled paper and will be scanned for distribution by email. We're eliminating any paper waste as result, but creating a design that will feel personal, hand-crafted and elegant nonetheless. Keep an eye on papertastebuds to see how it all comes out! You can also read about the services I offer to help people incorporate "green design" when choosing wedding calligraphy and materials.