wedding gift guide : kiosk beach chairs

kiosk-beach-chair I'm one of those people who is convinced we're getting an extension on summer because of all that rain in June and July.

I'm also a believer that many people spend a lot of time never buying good beach chairs and just sit around wanting better ones. For a sun-loving couple, a set of these beach chairs by Kiosk would make a unique, useful and long-lasting wedding gift.

Kiosk (the quirky and brilliant random stuff shop), invited Savor Projects (the ingenious fabric and prints design company) to create these two canvases -- and then asked Telescope Furniture (who has been making things since 1902) to produce the frames. Telescope created the classic, low-riding "Sun & Sand Beach Chair" frame in 1972.

$89 each. Order direct from Kiosk online.