new site launch for social enterprise : digital divide data

Picture 8 Digital Divide Data (DDD) is an incredible organization that I've worked with for several years now. It is based in Cambodia and Laos, where there are three offices employing over 500 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (such as poverty and disability).

DDD is set up like a business, employing and training the staff to provide IT services, but is a non-profit; all revenue goes towards benefits for the staff and operating costs for the offices. Employees attend school half-day on scholarship so that they can progress in their careers and education. After several years of working with DDD, they graduate on to better jobs earning on average six times the average local salary. It's a simple but unique model -- you can think of it like socially responsible outsourcing -- with profound impact.

We just launched the brand new DDD website and I am thrilled with how it came together. The photo-centric design captures the spirit of our work in Southeast Asia. We have two outstanding photographers/designers/developers to thank for their time: Thushan Amarasiriwardena and Alicia Conway (who were featured once before).

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