bakertweet : tweet what's fresh

bakertweet I'm doing my best to get the hang of Twitter (follow me! @paperfinger) but it is tricky keeping up. The clever tweet-friendly folks of London's design firm, Poke, came up with BakerTweet to help the bakery next door (Albion) with just this problem.

BakerTweet notifies all fans and customers of what's next from the oven. While those bakers are busy baking, BakerTweet connects wirelessly to the internet and with a simple turn of the dial and click of a button, the tweet about hot cross buns is sent off into the world. It's small and easy - and no more flour fingerprints on your new MacBook Pro.

Albion's latest tweet? "The weather at Hansel and Gretel’s looks like citrus showers. Lemon Drizzle Cake, a tart and sweet warm front, cooling fast."

(*via Linda & Harriett)