in melbourne : third drawer down

thirddrawerdown-drawer We took a turn off of Gertrude Street, strolling last week in Melbourne's Fitzroy district to visit Third Drawer Down, the "Museum of Art Souvenirs." It's a perfect description of this remarkable one-room space. Third Drawer Down was founded as a publishing company so their store features limited edition products, prints and books. My favorite feature of the space was the gorgeous flat-file island. Pulling open the various drawers revealed an array of amazing tea towel designs.

Everything is available for sale on their site as well as at the Fitzroy location.

"She Danced" by Emma Magenta

"Hotel Butterfly Yellow Glass" by DBros

"Enriqueta and Fosca" by Gina Thorstensen

Zine: "Les Enfants de L'atome" by Dylan Martorell

Third Drawer Down Museum of Art Souvenirs 93 George Street Fitzroy Victoria 3065 Australia Telephone: +61 (0)3 9534 4088