blue ocean institute : FishPhone

fishphoneThere are plenty of good pamphlets out there to help you make smart choices about seafood, but it's not as if I ever remember to carry them with me. The FishPhone from The Blue Ocean Institute is my new favorite way to be savvy, both environmentally as well as technologically.

Send a simple text message and find out what environmental concerns there are for a given species along with information on sources for that fish as well as alternatives.

Here's how it works:

Text 30644 with the message FISH plus the name of the seafood in question.

For example, I just sent in FISH Shrimp and here's the response I got:

Imported (RED) significant environmental concerns
Gulf of Mex (YELLOW) some env concerns
US and Canada northern, pink or farmed (GREEN) very few env concerns

Isn't this amazing?!

You can also place this wee widget on a web page as I did below. Have a go!

(*via with thanks from a good friend and generally brilliant lady)