eric yahnker : naughty teens/garbanzo beans

Picture 6 The above photo is a shot from the current exhibit of artist Eric Yahnker at the internationally recognized, Seattle-based contemporary art gallery, Ambach & Rice. This is one of Yahnker's "endurance" pieces, titled Analogous To The Fall of That One Empire (Moby Dick). To produce these piles of letters, Yahnker cut out every single letter and character from a copy of Moby Dick, alphabetized and sorted them.

Picture 5

My other favorite endurance stunner of the show is Analogous To The Fall of That One Empire (Gap Shirt), where he removed the blue thread from a men's button-down Gap shirt, leaving only the pin stripes remaining with a pile of thread at its feet.

Picture 1

Picture 2

This is a remarkably diverse show. Yahnker is not only a driven and inspired person, he is a witty and gifted artist.

Picture 7

Berry Astonished, colored pencil on paper

Picture 3

Her Happiness Scramble, graphite on paper

Picture 4

Hit It n' Quit It, graphite on paper