bryn listens : we are making plans

Picture 6 This is a fresh, new album from a talented producer/musician and good friend, J. Howells Werthman.

Listen to a track now while you read: This Moves Fast (featuring Lu...Reals)

We Are Making Plans is Werthman's first solo album and you can count on an excellent first impression. Most of the 17 tracks feature artists from Werthman's community of music makers and rappers here in Brooklyn (he's a family man), plus a few tracks that incorporate jazz-inspired melodies and beats. It's diverse, unique, thoughtful, funny, and very good.

For the crafty types, take note of this brilliant album cover, which was an inspiring feat. First, they photographed each of the people who participated on the album and then made life-size prints, which where affixed to cardboard backing. After taping wooden stakes to the back of each cardboard figure, they trekked out onto some abandoned lot by the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn and positioned the cast of characters in front of that brick wall (on which they'd painted the album name). Click; voila; I love it!

Download the entire album gratis from The Great Radio Belly.