for felicia & zach : escort tags

IMG_4805 I love wrapping up (literally) a completed project almost as much as I enjoy the process of writing. It's so pleasing to assemble a trademark Paperfinger parcel. This week, I finished escort tags for Felicia and Zach, who will be married tomorrow in New York City. You may have seen a few of the items I created for them (thank you cards with custom skyline illustration and their envelopes) on previous posts.

These escort tags will be placed in the crook of an origami crane's tail, which is sure to look amazing tomorrow. Felicia and Zach have been folding up a storm of cranes for the last few weeks. I am excited to see the photos!

Here are a couple shots from the tags as they dried on my desk -- plus one image to capture how the tags will be placed on each crane. Great idea and thanks to the women of The Wedding Co. in Toronto for suggesting this placement!