Que Romantica! Museo de Arte Olga Costo-José Chávez Morado

I'm writing from the rooftop of my parents' sweet casa in Guanajuato, Mexico. Yesterday's highlight was a visit to this museum, the former home of two artists--Olga and Jose--who lived and worked as artists here from 1966-1990. It's a quiet, romantic place where you can experience the layout and feel of their estate as well as view pieces from their personal art collection and bodies of work. How much I'd love to have a home like this with my man and my art! What follows is a collection of photographs I took during my visit. The garden courtyard was blissful. Inside the house, I was particularly taken with the arched brick ceilings and the amazing collection of antique liquor bottles that lined a window sill. Olga and Jose's paintings were hung upstairs against striking backdrops of bright purple and pink.


olga-jose-013 olga-jose-03 olga-jose-02olga-jose-06olga-jose-05olga-jose-08olga-jose-10olga-jose-09