what i've been waiting for : doodle

picture-3 For years I wanted to create an application that made scheduling small group get-togethers easier. Not that I don't enjoy the thread of 27 emails that ensues between my girlfriends when we're trying to set up a dinner date, but still, I like online gadgetry and efficiency too. Doodle seems to achieve this although I'm still in a pilot phase with the product.

Overall, it's a simple way to poll people on anything. For scheduling events, you can present your friends or contacts with several dates and different times on those dates and they'll select the times they're available. With the poll results, you can choose the best time/date.


I keep thinking of how fun it would be to use this when choosing a restaurant since I'm often the one to present a few nominees and yet another slew of emails kicks off. Friends, prepare to be Doodled sometime soon.

(*via Swiss Miss)