wow : design for a living world

dfalw-5 Thursday, this powerful exhibit opened at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

The concept: 10 designers ...including Yves Behar, Kate Spade, Maya Lin... 10 places ...including Micronesia, Idaho, Bolivia... 10 designs ...produced with strictly sustainably grown and harvested materials...

All photography is by Ami Vitale. has a wonderful presentation online about the exhibit. It's really worth exploring. All images in this post are from their site.

For the real thing, visit the Cooper-Hewitt from now until January 4, 2010.


Maya Lin working on her design

Vegetable Ivory Earrings by Ted Muehling

Jipijapa (palm leaf fiber) Bag by Kate Spade designer, Paulina Reyes

Bamboo Furniture Structures by Ezri Tazrahi

Cocoa making in La Amistad International Park, Costa Rica

Yves Behar's sketches for the cocoa-making tool he designed

Gondwana Link, Australia