i'll be you and you be me : krauss & sendak


Maurice Sendak illustrated a children's book written by the renowned author Ruth Krauss titled I'll Be You and You Be Me back in 1952 (well before he wrote Where the Wild Things Are). Maria Popova of BrainPickings.org featured it last week in a post. She shared a lot of images from the book in her post, each beautiful and charming and true. I've picked a few favorites here.

The book is sadly out of print for now, but you can do your best to scour for a copy.

illbeyouandyoullbeme_sendak3 illbeyouandyoullbeme_sendak14 illbeyouandyoullbeme_sendak7 illbeyouandyoullbeme_sendak4 illbeyouandyoullbeme_sendak6

(*via brain pickings)